Hysteria Music offers great Promo, Booking, Distribution, Recording and Composing deals to bring your music to a higher level!

  1. Promotion
    Once you've created a great album you wan't people to know about it. You'll need good reviews to increase the number of fans who want to buy your music and see you play in real life. If you choose for Hysteria Music promodeal, we will take care of that. We make sure you will be heard and seen worldwide. Please contact us at: info@hysteriamusic.nl
  2. Label
    Hysteria Music is searching for new talent. If we believe in your music, there are many options for us to work together as a team. Together we will bring the dream to life. Please contact us at: info@hysteriamusic.nl
  3. Mixing & Composing
    Hysteria Music is a professional music studio. We record, mix and master a variety of genres. Hysteria music composes as well and is more than happy to help you create whatever music you have in mind. Please contact us at: info@hysteriamusic.nl
Hysteria Music is a newly founded Recordlabel, Studio and Music Promoter in the region of Eindhoven (nld) by Mark van Doren.

Over the years, van Doren has gained a lot of experience in Music Promotion, composing, orchestrating as well as producing.

He excels in the genres Rock and Metal.

Hysteria Music is always looking for new talent! 

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